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Advantages Of Working With Mega Control Security Services:

  • Responsive Staff with: Dedicated Branch Managers, Operations Managers, Account Managers, Field Supervisors, Training Managers, Recruiters, Schedulers, HR Personnel, as well as industry leading scheduling and payroll systems.
  • 100% Transparency: Get complete visibility and transparency with our electronic security reporting software, online portal, and business enterprise systems. Know that all of your data is accessible for your benefit at any time.
  • Best Recruiting & Hiring: Our recruiting team utilizes the top recruiting tools and methods to deliver talent when you need it. We screen and background every employee, delivering the qualifications you need based on your customized hiring profile.
  • Safety: Our team of security and safety professionals are trained to help you mitigate risk and reduce liability.
    Visual Presence: With a security presence, we create safer communities by reducing incidents, and protecting both people and assets.

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Mega Security Values

Help People Succeed

We continuously train, mentor, and develop people so they are equipped to achieve their professional and personal goals. We are positive, encouraging, and motivating to help people succeed in overcoming any challenge.

Build Sustainable Relationships

We believe that long-lasting, harmonious relationships are essential in delivering high-quality customer service. We treat all people with dignity and respect to nurture a caring, and friendly environment to build sustainable relationships.

Lead The Way

With a passion to be the best, we lead the way with hard work ethic, and reliability. We innovate, constantly improve, and strive to develop proactive solutions that exceed expectations.

Do The Right Thing

We take ownership in what we do, with honesty and integrity. Our team can be relied upon to do the right thing, because we possess strong moral principles.